Who we are

About 'Business Excellence Consultancy'

  • Vision – to be the ‘Leader’ in the kind of our services
  • Mission – to provide a complete and accurate solution in a timely manner at competitive rates i.e. services must give results!

we work in line with the international best practices

  • confidentiality – we keep our clients’ key information strictly confidential through robust and stringent management systems controls in place
  • openness – we love to considering alternate opinions
  • responsibility – as being a local company, we act in a highly responsible manner
  • competence – we select the team from a pool of professionals whose profiles best match for a particular “challenge” faced by our client
  • completeness and accuracy – we make sure that the job done is 100% in all respects
  • impartiality – we make sure at all stages of a project that there is no conflict of interest, else it is managed appropriately
  • responsiveness to feedback including complaint – we act responsibly and timely to any complaint

integrity and ethics – we act with good faith; honesty and fairness:

  • we do what we say
  • we state clearly our contracts and actions and deliver them accordingly
  • we follow policies and procedures
  • we respect the confidentiality of business and personal information
  • we respect professional standards

customer satisfaction – we work towards total customer satisfaction, thereby striving not only in meeting but exceeding their needs and expectations, implied and unimplied, with respect to:

  • statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to their business
  • their clients’ requirements
  • their internal requirements to reduce wastes of all kinds and improve efficiency, thereby helping them to operate in an optimal fashion

we are passionate and determined in order to achieve our vision, mission and programs set therein

respect – we treat others as they should be treated, hence considering the impact of our personal actions on others, recognize individual contribution, receive accurate feedback on our performance,  respect differences, and do not discriminate against others regarding race; ethnicity; origin; age; sex or religious & political beliefs

we create fun, love be open-minded, pursue growth and learning, and do more with less

we are humble and build a positive team & family spirit

creativity and innovation – we firmly believe in innovation, therefore we always strive to bring it to our approach and methodology

we build open and honest relationships with effective communication

Business Excellence is committed to delivering the top-notch quality services aimed at total customer satisfaction by

– listening to our customers’ voice so that we can understand, meet and exceed their needs & expectations including those that are unimplied, in terms of

  • accuracy and completeness through our dedicated personnel who have the knowledge, skills, and attitude, in their respective fields
  • courtesy
  • timeliness

– striving to be perceived by our customers as one of the best in class in the market for the        kind of services, we are engaged in

– continually improving our services, procedures and processes

– making facts-based decisions

– working towards making our business the best in its kind so that all the stakeholders, especially employees take pride in being part of it, through communicating with them effectively; soliciting their ideas; opinions; suggestions; feedback and responding appropriately; quickly and effectively

– in the event that one of our customers has a complaint regarding our service(s) or our action(s), reacting immediately and resolving it in the best possible manner

– doing what we have agreed to, keeping our customers informed of progress all the times, wherever possible

– complying with all the applicable requirements including legal requirements, and

– setting quality objectives for performance improvement on the continual basis

There Are Reasons

Why Choose 'Business Excellence Consultancy'

Proven Reputation

We've built our reputation in the market, through 'QUALITY' services to our clients by exceeding their requirements

Provision of Sustainable Solution

We provide our service in an effective and efficient way to our clients so that can they can maintain as well as improve the management systems afterwards at their own, instead of timely quick fix

Competent Professionals

Our professionals have robust technical & managerial expertise, pertinent International Memberships & certifications, and the right skills & courteous attitude

Appropriate Resource Allocation

We provide enough time to our client to discuss and clarify issues & concerns, during our sessions with them

Extensive Market Knowledge

We keep ourselves updated on the un-implied needs and expectations of the client and other stakeholders

Thorough In-depth Knowledge

We keep abreast of updates in statutory & regulatory requirements as well as international & local industry best practices

Unique Approach and Problem Solving Methodology

Our professionals work efficiently and effectively through a unique approach and best-in-class problem-solving methodology

Entrepreneurial and Client-driven Culture

With a clear vision and mission, we try delivering the highest quality services to our clients in line with set values, principles, policies, and procedures


We are flexible and work according to customer' convenience, to the extent possible


You can call us anytime during working hours, should you require guidance and support from us

Target Oriented Approach

We're target oriented by keeping on track through developed & agreed on 'ACTION PLAN'

Highly Competitive Price

Our services are the highest quality; at highly competitive prices