ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management Systems

What is ISO 9001:2015?

ISO 9001:2015 is the most recognized international standard for quality management systems (referred to as QMS) standard. It’s benchmarked internationally with more than a million certificates issued worldwide.

In simple words, this standard is a set of international best practices in regard to quality management systems, thereby helping businesses and organizations to be systematic, bring efficiency and effectiveness into their processes that in turn will continually enhance customer satisfaction.

Which sectors ISO 9001:2015 is suitable for?

ISO 9001:2015 is a generic standard and applicable to any organization regardless of its size, products &/or services, and location. One of its major strengths is its wider appeal for all types of organizations, as it focuses on processes and customer satisfaction rather than procedures; thereby achieving a certification, for example, is equally applicable and beneficial to service providers and manufacturers.

What are the benefits of Quality Management Systems against ISO 9001:2015?

Some of the benefits of developing and implementing effective ‘quality management systems’ include

  • Enhanced corporate image and reputation
  • Determine the overall context of your organization to define who is affected by your work and what they expect from you. This will enable you to clearly state your objectives and identify new business opportunities.
  • Put your customers first, making sure you consistently meet their needs and enhance their satisfaction. This will lead to repeat customers.
  • Work in a more efficient & effective way as all your processes will be aligned and understood by everyone in the organization. This increases productivity brings the internal costs down.
  • Meet the necessary statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Expand into new markets, as some sectors and clients require ISO 9001 for registration &/or participation in the Tender.
  • Identify and address the risks and opportunities pertaining to your business.
  • Better communication and awareness among staff through process mapping and defined hierarchy & job descriptions. This improves the working atmosphere, reduces the pressure of work and hence more involvement of staff.
  • Through monitoring, measuring, analysis, and evaluation, you’ll have data on your hands that will help you in facts based decision making.
  • Continual improvement is a key requirement to this standard.

David Osifo

IDSE diploma was a great experience to my career. At first when I was introduced to the course, I felt it wasn’t worth it until I started to show more interest with the help of the institute. All the process went smoothly from enrolment until the exam date. The course content is very good and I advised those of you who want to have a level 6 diploma to give it a try. I started the process by January this year and my first exam was February which I wrote and passed at the first attempt, the second exam was in April which I also passed. ‘Business Excellence’ institutes have qualified tutors who can guide you all through the process and encourage you to study. I advise anyone who wants to enroll in IDSE to go with this institute.

David Osifo
Safety Officer

Sohail Ahmed Sial

Business Excellence Institute is the right way to choose for a professional qualification in the field of Health and Safety. Thank you Business Excellence Institute for making us front-line professionals in HSE Field. I am very satisfied with the Institute, the staff and moreover the co-operation and help from the Staff members and Teachers of Business Excellence Institute… Thank you Business Excellence.

Sohail Ahmed Sial
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J Nafih

‘Business Excellence’ is an excellent institute for gaining International Diploma in Safety Engineering (IDSE). I’ve completed the IDSE diploma from this esteemed institute and I’m happy to share my great achievement of completing the course with high grades. Support and assistance were provided during the entire course period. And I would like to recommend this institute with utmost respect and trust that you can achieve success from here if you need to gain knowledge in the field of safety.

J Nafih
Safety Engineer

Touseef Ur Rehman

We recently had a contract with BEC to cope up with the requirements of ISO certification, OSHAD and EAD; and it was quite a good experience as we complied in a limited time frame. The facilitator Mr. Waqar found to be responsive and had in-depth knowledge of the UAE’s OS&H-related regulations.

Touseef Ur Rehman
Instrumentation Engineer

Lattice Powering Energy

Lattice Gen. Contracting

We recently had a contract with BEC to cope up with the requirements of ISO certification, OSHAD and EAD; and it was quite a good experience as we complied in a limited time frame. The facilitator Mr. Waqar found to be responsive and had in-depth knowledge of the UAE’s OS&H-related regulations.

HSE Engineer

Zublin Construction

Zublin Construction L.L.C. (Zublin), UAE

I really appreciate the technical team at ‘Business Excellence for being so prompt in doing the needful in regards to the approval of management systems (against OSHAD SF V 3.1) by Abu Dhabi Municipality. I truly endorse them for being competent and delivering on time, as committed.

Zublin Construction
HSE Manager

Telal Resort

telal resort

The audit team is very competent. I liked them for being polite, courteous, and open-minded. If it’s not clear the first time; they’d repeat the question in another way, and then give chance to auditees to make their point. This was not just an audit but also an opportunity to learn. I recommend it to any company having an annual 3’rd party legal compliance audit (OSHAD).

Mr. Adnan Manzoor
HR & Training Manager

Andalus Al Seef Resorts

Andalus Al Seef Resort

It was a challenge for us to implement our management system in line with the OSHAD and Department of Culture & Tourism. However, through our annual agreement, they have helped us comply with legal requirements in an easy way. I like their approach and methodology and strongly recommend to any high-risk company for the development and implementation of their management systems.

Pradip Devkota
HSE Manager

Bond Interiors

Bond Interiors

I’ve worked with many 3’rd party ISO consultants; however, most of them use copy-paste approach. However, I consider Business Excellence different and the best choice for various reasons. They helped us understand the standards in the context of our business; engaged all the key process owners; and their tips on implementation towards effective and efficient management systems in spirit; not just for the sake of documentation. I highly recommend Business Excellence to any company that’s looking for an ISO certification solution.

Ms. Ajanettee Dela Cruz
QA - QC Manager
To which this standard contributes
When things don’t work as they should, it often means that standards are absent.
How'll we do it

The Process of Development and Implementation of QMS against ISO 9001:2015

Gap Analysis Against ISO 9001:2015

- Business Excellence' team will conduct an initial assessment/gap analysis according to the scope of services with reference to the STANDARD including office as well as sites
- A comprehensive written report will be presented to the Top Management on the status of the compliance against standard’ requirements in order to know as to what are the gaps

Awareness Training on ISO 9001:2015 and Best Practices

- Business Excellence's team will provide awareness training to the key process owners and relevant staff, on the requirements of the standard
- Further to this, they'll explain how these requirements apply to their business


Business Excellence' team will provide full assistance for the development of documentation according to the requirements
These documents will be of different types at different levels (in the order of importance) including policies, manual, system element procedures, and associated 'forms' including RACI matrix, process maps, risks & opportunities register, KPI’s, etc

Implementation of QMS

Business Excellence' team will extend its full support in regards to the implementation of the aforementioned documented management systems in letter and spirit
This may include SWOT analysis, process mapping, setting objectives & targets, development of RACI matrices, training need analysis, internal audit, corrective action including root cause analysis, management review meeting etc

Mock Third Party Assessment Against ISO 9001:2015

- Finally, a mock assessment by the 'Business Excellence' team will be performed before third-party arrives
- The detailed report of which shall be submitted to the management and will help rectify the non-conformities & concerns
- However, management to ensure rectification of the identified concerns within the time frame, as agreed

Review &/or Audit Against ISO 9001:2015 by the Certification Body

- The selected third party to review documentation including records
- Lastly, conduct an onsite audit

Closing Out of Non-conformities

- Consequent upon the independent review and assessment by the relevant authority, the corrective action plan to be developed for each of the non-conformities
- Business Excellence to provide guidance to implement the corrective action plan

Value of the money

Key Deliverables (Development and Implementation of QMS against ISO 9001:2015)

Gap Analysis Report

To evaluate the existing systems to ascertain as to what is in compliance and what're the gaps and submitting a comprehensive report to the client

Documentation Kit

The templates for documents of all types (at all levels) including policies, manuals, system element procedures, work instructions, RACI matrices, forms, process maps, checklist, registers, etc.

Training on ISO 9001:2015

On the requirements of the international standard and how these apply in the context of the business

Review of Documentation and Associated Records

- Business Excellence' team will review each & every provided document prior to finalization
- However, after review by us; the client shall also review these documents prior to approval

Support for Implementation of QMS

Business Excellence's team will extend its full support in regards to the implementation of the documented management systems in letter & spirit. This may include SWOT analysis, process mapping, risk assessment, objectives and targets, RACI matrices, training need analysis & training plan, internal audit, corrective action, management review etc

Mock Third-party Audit Against ISO 9001:2015

Finally, a mock audit by Business Excellence' team will be performed before the third-party audit and a detailed report of this shall be submitted to the management in order to help rectify the non-conformities and concerns

Corrective Action

Business Excellence' team shall help develop and implement corrective actions to closeout findings consequent upon 3'rd party review &/or assessment till approval of the management systems and issue of the certificate

Various Options

Delivery Methods

Face To Face (On Client' Premises)
Online & Virtual (through e-mail, phone and video calling)
Blended (Mix of Option 1 & 2)

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