Qualification Specification

Highfield Level 2 International Award in Emergency First Aid, Defibrillation and CPR

An Overview

A brief about this Qualification

This qualification is for those who wish to become an Emergency First Aider and use a defibrillator. Learners will know basic emergency first-aid procedures and will be able to use a defibrillator correctly. The topics covered will help to maintain good practice in prompt and effective emergency first-aid treatment of individuals.

HABC Recommendation

Delivery and Assessment Ratios

For effective delivery and assessment of this qualification, it is recommended that a ratio of 1 qualified tutor to a maximum of 12 learners in any one instance is not exceeded.

The time it takes to deliver


It is recommended that learners have 8 contact hours with the tutor. However, this may be adjusted in accordance with learners’ needs and/or local circumstances.

The ways to evaluate the effectiveness of the training delivered

Assessment Methods

Practical observation

Multiple-choice theory assessment

When to refresh and retake this qualification


It is recommended by highfield that the learners refresh their knowledge every year and retake this qualification every 3 years, in order to confirm that they continue to be competent.


The learners should have the necessary standards of the language in which the course is being delivered.

The nominated tutors/assessors should have
• hold a valid and recognized first aid at work certificate or equivalent
• competency in the delivery of first aid training
• competency in the assessment of first aid training
• Knowledge and understanding of how to safely and effectively use an Automated External Defibrillation (AED) machine
Nominated tutors/assessors should also be able to demonstrate relevant experience and knowledge in a work context and provide evidence of engagement with the subject field and continuing professional development.
Tutors/assessors who have evidence of delivering a minimum of 30 hours of accredited formal training per year, in a relevant qualification, may requalify to deliver/assess this and similar qualifications through completion of the qualification assessment only or a reduction in the learning hours, at the
discretion of Highfield.

Each learner’s identification is checked before they can sit the examination/assessment. Following are acceptable  as proof of a learner’ Identity:
• National identity card e.g. Emirates ID card
• Valid passport
• Driving licence
• Another photographic ID card, e.g. employee ID card (must be the current employer), student ID card, travel card etc.

Progression and further learning routes include:
• Highfield Level 2 International Award in Paediatric First Aid;
• Highfield Level 2 International Award in Paediatric First Aid and Managing Illness & Injury; and
• Highfield Level 3 International Award in First Aid at Work.

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