Annual 3'rd Party Audit against OSHAD SF V 3.1

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The third-party SRA compliance audit of OHS management systems developed and implemented against the OSHAD SF V 3.1 on annual basis.

Objectives of the Audit

These include:
1) Determination of the extent of conformity of an organization’s documented management systems against the audit criteria
2) Evaluation of efficiency & effectiveness of aforesaid management systems in meeting their specified objectives
3) To determine as to what're the strengths of the company and recommendations for value addition through the identification of areas for improvement including local &/or international best practices
4) Any other, as specified by the clientnt

Duration of the OSHAD Audit

The audit time required is calculated in line with IAF MD 5:2019 to perform the activities which include

- Pre-assessment meeting, if needed,
- Preparation of the audit plan,
- Review of documentation to ensure its continuing suitability,
- Onsite audit to verify the degree of compliance,
- Report preparation, and
- Follow-up activities.

Methodology of the Audit

- Discussion with 'top management' on the context of the organization and other core issues
- Observation of 'acts & conditions',
- Interviewing of relevant personnel, and
- Review of documentation including records.

The Criteria of Audit

The criteria are as follows:
- OSHAD SF V 3.1,
- Relevant Sector Regulatory Authority' regulations; standards; guidelines; and guidance documents, and
- Sector best practices, local and international.

Other Similar Services

The other similar services include, as follows
- Internal audit against OSHAD SF in order to prepare for the upcoming 3'rd party audit by OSHAD itself for the government sector or by an 'OSHAD registered auditing company' for entities within the semi-government &/or private sector, respectively)
- The regulatory compliance audit of 'construction environmental management plan (CEMP)' and 'operation environmental management plan (OEMP)' against the requirements of 'Environmental Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD)'
- 2'nd party audit - audit of the supplier on behalf of the client
- Internal audit against ISO 15189, ISO 17020, ISO/IEC 17021-1, and ISO 170257 for those CAB's who
1) Don't have a competent internal auditor
2) Want an effective implementation and improvement of the management systems against any of the aforementioned standards
3) To make sure they're well prepared for the forthcoming third-party assessment by the 'accreditation body'

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Registration Requirements

  • Passport size photograph (white background)
  • Copy of Passport
  • Emirates ID
  • Proof of residency status for Non-UAE Nationals: 1) UAE Residency Visa; 2) Labour Card;
  • Certified copy of Academic Qualifications Certificates, including certificate of equivalency issued by UAE Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research;
  • Resume completed in the format provided by OSHAD and downloadable in the OSH Practitioner Application e-form including Relevant Project Experience; and Two professional Referees;
  • Signed Declaration and Code of Conduct (OSHAD-SF Form Q);
  • Completion of Training on OSHAD-SF principles and requirements1.
  1. Two Days Practitioner Course on OSHAD-SF is mandatory for the registration of all practitioners.

Note: the applied practitioner type and field of work should be supported by the category of work visa. In case of discrepancy, OSHAD may, at its discretion reject the application or ask for further supporting evidence to establish the working relationship in compliance with UAE Ministry of Labour regulations.

Auditors – Grade Defining Requirements

Academic Qualifications and Experience: As stipulated by the respective Auditor registration Body.

Lead Auditor: Lead/Principal OSH Auditor Registration/Certification with International Certification Body (e.g. IRCA- Principal/Lead Auditor)

Auditor: OSH Auditor Registration/Certification with International Certification Body (e.g. IRCA-Auditor)

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