Qualification Specification

Highfield Level 2 International Award in Work at Height

An Overview

A brief about this 'Work at Height' qualification

This course is for those who have a job role involving work at height activities.

Topics include requirements for the use of equipment, selecting correctly and applying correct techniques while using the equipment.


Delivery and Assessment

For effective delivery and assessment of this qualification, it is recommended that a ratio of 1 qualified tutor to a maximum of 12 learners in any one instance is not exceeded.

The time it takes to deliver it effectively

Duration for ``Work at Height``

Recommended guided learner hours: 7 hours.
Guided learning hours is the time an average learner is taught by means of lectures; tutorials; supervised study; and blended learning.

The delivery of this program can be adjusted according to needs of the learners.

The ways to evaluate the effectiveness of the training delivered

Guidance on Assessment

The qualification is assessed using the Highfield assessment pack and is split into two component parts:
Part one: This component is assessed through demonstration of practical skills.
Part two: This knowledge-based assessment requires learners to answer a series of short answer questions either in writing or orally.


The learners should have the necessary standards of the language in which the course is being delivered.

Suitable subject area qualifications include, as follows:
• Work at height related qualification (IPAF, PASMA, BLMA), or equivalent;
• Level 3 qualification in Health and Safety, or equivalent;
• 3 years’ experience in the work at height industry;
• Harness Instructor Certificate;
• Any other qualification and/or experience deemed appropriate by Highfield.

Suitable teaching qualifications include, as below:
• Highfield Level 3 International Award in Delivering Training (IADT);
• Highfield Level 3 or 4 Award in Education and Training or equivalent;
• Proof of at least 30 hours of training in any subject; and
• Any other qualification and/or experience deemed appropriate by Highfield.

Each learner’s identification is checked before they can sit the examination/assessment. Following are acceptable  as proof of a learner’ Identity:
• National identity card e.g. Emirates ID card
• Valid passport
• Driving licence
• Another photographic ID card, e.g. employee ID card (must be the current employer), student ID card, travel card etc.

Progression and further learning routes include:

  • Highfield Level 2 International Award in Risk Assessment.

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