Course Title

Chemical safety

A brief about this course

Qualification overview

Know the physical and health hazards associated with the chemicals you are using. Carefully read the chemical's label and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before using a chemical for the first time. Also review the appropriate Standard Operating Procedure. These documents will provide any special handling information. After the potential hazards associated with the chemicals and the experimental processes are evaluated you can modify work procedures so that laboratory hazards are minimized or eliminated

Topics covered at minimum

Course contents

Categories of hazardous chemical

Proper storage of flammable chemicals

How to handle chemical properly

General safety tips

Routes of exposure

Symptoms of possible exposure

Handling chemical emergencies

Incompatible chemical

First aid for chemicals in the eyes

Handling flammable chemicals

First aid for chemical on the skin

Proper storage of flammable chemicals

First aid for chemical inhalation

Who should attend

Target participants

Chemical/Lab personnel, safety personnel or employees who are involved in the handling of hazardous substances in chemical plants or electronics and manufacturing industries



What is chemical safety and why is it important?

Chemical Safety is achieved by undertaking all activities involving chemicals in such a way as to ensure the safety of human health and the environment. Courtesy 

Why is chemical safety important?

Establishing and maintaining a sound chemical safety policy not only saves human lives and protects the environment but also avoids fines and penalties. The physical and biological effects of chemicals must be considered before implementing any chemical safety measures. Courtesy 

What is the chemical safety rule?

The federal Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board on Wednesday released its new rule that requires an owner or operator of a chemical facility to report any accidental chemical releases to the board for investigation.

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