Course Title

Hazard identification and risk assessment

A brief about this course

Qualification overview

This course aims to provide employees the underpinning skills required to carry out hazard identification and risk assessments according to organization policy and complete associated documentation. This practical course will provide learners with the necessary tools and skills to enable them to carry out hazard identification and risk assessments in the workplace. The aim of the course is to enable responsible and informed contributions to the health and safety effort in the workplace

Topics covered at minimum

Course contents

Why we need Risk Assessment

Risk Concepts

Definition of Hazards

Legal Requirements

Work Place Safety and Health

Assessment Process

Risk Management Regulations 2006

Identify Potential Hazards

Penalties Risk Management Regulations

Risk Evaluation

Records of Risk Assessment

Record keeping

Risk Assessment Template

Implementation and Review

Who should attend

Target participants

Safety Managers

Operations Directors and Managers

Quality Assurance/Control Specialists

Flight Safety Officers

Line Managers

Shift Controllers

Inspectors and Supervisors

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