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Hazardous Waste Determination

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Duration: 4 Hours
Price 500 AED
This course will help participants to proper identification of a hazardous waste; to help make sense of what is and is not a hazardous waste, this course presents the steps involved in the process of identifying, or “characterizing,” a hazardous waste. While introducing the entire hazardous waste identification process, this training will focus on the final steps, the definition of a hazardous waste. The other steps in the process, including the definition of solid waste and the solid and hazardous waste exclusions will be discussed. After completion of this course, participants will be able to explain the hazardous waste identification process and the definition of hazardous waste, and be familiar with the following concepts:
Topics covered at minimum

Course contents

Hazardous waste listings

Hazardous waste characteristics

The ``mixture`` and ``derived-from`` rules

The ``contained-in`` policy

The Hazardous Waste Identification Rules (HWIR) as per EPA.

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