ISO 37001:2016

Anti-bribery Management Systems

What is ISO 37001:2016?

Bribery is one of the most challenging problems, and despite national and international efforts to combat it, it still remains widespread.

A study by World Bank says that over 1 trillion US $ is paid in bribes yearly, resulting in political instability, an increase in the cost of business, and hence contributing to poverty. other disadvantages include difficulty in international trade, as negative impact on the morale of the employee.

Which sectors ISO 37001:2016 is suitable for?

The standard is generic and applicable to any organization whether a large organization or small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), in both public and private sector as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The standard can be used by organizations in any country.

What are the benefits that ISO 37001 will bring to your business

Some of the benefits ‘management systems’ against ISO 37001 include

  • help your organization implement an anti-bribery management system including fine-tuning the current controls that are in place already.
  • It requires implementing a set of measures such as establishing an anti-bribery policy, training employees, risk assessments on projects and associates, enhancing financial and commercial controls, and setting up reporting and investigation procedures.
  • leadership and top management commitment – direct input from top management into policies, and control mechanism
  • the policy and other programmes are communicated to all staff and external parties.
  • the evidence that you have a system in place and that you have taken reasonable steps to prevent bribery should a criminal investigation take place.

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