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A brief about this course

Qualification overview

Duration: 6 Hours
Price 500 AED
The course is designed to enhance and compliment the learner’s career within the waste and recycling industry which will provide practical help that will enhance their knowledge of this industry. The participants can expect to re-establish their knowledge and skills within the industry, while others will gain a greater understanding in relation to the workplace. Any current and prospective employees in sustainability-centered industries, those who plan to implement recycling systems in their organizations and those who want to improve recycling in their communities.
Topics covered at minimum

Course contents

Gain an insight into their individual needs within their own workplace.

Understand and be aware of waste management and recycling in their workplace.

Gain a working knowledge and understanding of the current government legislation and recycling targets for different industries.

Learn the effects of waste minimization and what materials can be recycled and into what.

Be able to understand Operational Management, its structure, teamwork, people skills economics and project management

Able to contribute to the maintenance of health and safety in the workplace, ensure and maintain personal hygiene and comply with emergency procedures.

Understand the collection segregation and storage of materials, pollution risk and curbside collection

Gain a greater understanding of the need to recycle and what materials can be saved

Know the procedures in monitoring performance, records and organization, including improvements that can be made

Gain a greater understanding of the need to recycle and what materials can be saved

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