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Respiratory Protection

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Qualification overview

Duration: 6 Hours
Price 500 AED
Gain a comprehensive overview of respiratory protection and industry standards, the types of equipment used along with various implementation strategies. Learn how to interpret and comply with legislated respiratory protection regulations.
Topics covered at minimum

Course contents

Why you need to use the respirator

What the respirator can and cannot do to protect you

How to properly inspect, put on and take off, and use your respirator

How to check the seal of your respirator (also called a ``user seal check``);

How to use the respirator effectively in emergency situations, including situations in which the respirator doesn't work properly;

How to recognize medical signs and symptoms that may limit or prevent you from using a respirator;

How improper fit, usage, or maintenance can reduce your respirator's ability to protect you;

What the procedures are for maintenance and storage of the respirator; and

What the requirements are for federal OSHA's or your State OSHA's Respiratory Protection Standards.

Who should attend

Target participants

Workers. Employees who must perform work where they are required to use respiratory equipment.

The law requires that a person be competent in order to perform their job safely.

Supervisors, Safety Officers & HR Personnel.

Supervisors, Safety Officers & HR Personnel.

Persons with the responsibility of supervising the use of Respiratory Protection Equipment and procedures must first understand the fundamentals.

Proper understanding of the concepts learned will foster good planning and positive implementation.

Purchasers and Managers. Respiratory Protection does not always have to entail huge capital investments.

Participants will learn down to earth good work practices and equipment selection.

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