Course Title

Rigging and slinging

A brief about this course

Qualification overview

Rigging and Slinging is designed to help the participants understand Inspection Definition, Safe use of wire ropes, Safe use of chain slings, Sling loads and angles, Safe use of fabric slings, Safe use of shackles & eyebolts, Safe use of beam clamps & trolleys, Correct crane signals and to Have sufficient knowledge to be a Responsible Person when using Lifting Equipments.

Topics covered at minimum

Course contents

Safe rigging practice –job site considerations –unfavorable job conditions –job schedule to meet –rigging selection

Who is responsible –appropriate type –proper identification –properly inspected

What is the wait of the load

Where is the center of gravity

What is the sling angle-will there be side loading –capacity of gear –will the load be under control –tag line available

Is there any possibility of fouling –clear of personal –wind – temperature –surfaces-unstable objects

The users responsibilities-basic sling operating practice – inspection – replacement –definitions – safety factors

Wire rope construction –wire rope capacities – wire rope sling choker adjustments – types of wire rope slings- type of wire rope slings damage

Synthetic slings - chain slings

Rigging protection from cutting or slipping –protecting rigging from damage or environment

How would you rig this – removing jewelry and wearing gloves – questions?

Who should attend

Target participants

This course is suitable for anyone who is require to enhance their safety knowledge about working at height. There is a legal requirement on employers to ensure staffs are trained in matters of health and safety.



Why Should I Do A Rigging and Slinging Course?

Before being allowed to undertake any form of rigging and slinging work, from working with hoists through to gin poles and shear legs, you need to have both a license.

what are rigging and slinging courses be like?

Its a 3 day training with in-depth knowledge to understand the role of slinging and working and inspection procedures in connection with slinging and compliance with applicable laws and code of practice.

When will I get my certificate?

You will receive your  approved Rigging and Slinging certificate within one month of passing the exam.

Can training be conducted at companies’ premises?

Yes, it can be done at your premises, if you have ample floor space, audio, and visual equipment.

How much does it cost to attend a course?

Please contact us for information on prices.

How do I order this course from BEC.

This is simple, you can either make your booking or enquiry online, or call us on 02 552 2500, where our training advisors will advice you on the training solutions we offer.

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