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Safe use of boom lift

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Qualification overview

Safe use of boom lifts: Boom lifts are designed with a telescopic or articulated boom, to provide sideways outreach, allowing the work platform to gain access around and over obstacles. The objective of this course is to provide delegates with the essential knowledge required to operate self-boom lifts efficiently and safely

Topics covered at minimum

Course contents

Type scissor vertical - boom supported/straight mast boom /articulated boom lift

Parts overview – steering wheels and axle/tires

Platform overview/platform section

Rated work load or load capacity

Employers responsibilities

Voltage chart

Multiple rating-side slope and grade

Lower emergency controls

Boom lift parts

Boom lift operators responsibilities

Overhead hazards

Opening procedure overview- center of gravity

Counterweight system

Fulcrum point- fulcrum point on articulated booms

Who should attend

Target participants

This Boom Lift Operator training course is suitable for anyone who operates powered access boom lifts, telescopic or articulated aerial work platforms.



What is a boom lift?

A boom lift is an aerial lift platform supported by a hydraulic arm that enables individuals to work at height. The basic boom lift types are articulating — which features arms that bend to facilitate navigation around objects — and telescopic, which have straight arms that provide a higher weight capacity but less maneuverability than an articulating boom lift.

What is a jib on a boom lift?

“Jib” is a term used to describe the arm on an articulating boom lift. Jib booms include an additional articulation point that provides greater range of motion for the aerial platform. Depending on the model, jib booms enable the platform to move up or down or from side to side, which is beneficial when working in confined areas.

What is a manlift?

The term “man lift” is often used interchangeably with “aerial lift” as a general way to describe the lift platforms designed to enable people to work safely at height. Man lifts can encompass both types of boom lifts as well as scissor lifts, vertical personnel lifts and spider lifts (compact aerial lift platforms featuring a lightweight design for maximum maneuverability).

What is a telescopic boom lift?

A telescopic boom lift is equipped with a telescoping beam that can raise the platform up or down as needed. Telescopic boom lifts offer greater horizontal reach than any other aerial lift platform, which makes them the preferred choice for construction and industrial job sites where limited access is an issue.

How high do boom lifts go?

The lift capacity of a boom lift will depend on the make, model and type. Telescopic boom lifts can reach greater heights than their articulating counterparts. While many models can safely lift personnel or equipment to a height of 130 feet, you can now purchase a telescopic boom lift with a capacity of up to 185 feet.

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