Course Title

Safe use of forklift

A brief about this course

Qualification overview

Operating a forklift requires skill, training, and experience. Although it may seem as easy as driving a car, there are many factors that make driving a forklift much more difficult. Learning how to operate a forklift safely can help to prevent accidental injuries and possible death. The goal of forklift safety training is to help you achieve a work environment that is accident free and meets OSHA regulations.

Topics covered at minimum

Course contents

Fork Lift Accident Statistics

Fork lift Attachment

Fork lift Inspection and Maintenance

Stacking Load on the Pallets

Fork Lift Specification

Fork Lift Citations

Fork Lift Work Platforms

Fork Lift Name Plate

Driving on in Inline

Fork Lift Operating Manual

Loading -Unloading High Storage Racks

Fork Lift Operating Manual

Fork Lift Blind Spot

Moving the Load

How load affect Fork Lifts

Propane Powered Fork Lifts and Carbon Monoxide

Loading Truck Trailers and Rail Road Cars

Who should attend

Target participants

Forklift Operators

Distribution Managers

Plant Managers

Who Anyone Operate a Lift Truck

Warehouse Supervisors

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