Course Title

Safe use of overhead travelling crane

A brief about this course

Qualification overview

The aim of this training course is to train selected delegates in the safe use of overhead traveling cranes in their workplace. There are many types of cranes but Overhead Traveling Cranes are commonly used. If they are maintained to a good standard, operated in the correct fashion, and the people who use them are properly trained then the hazards that arise from their use will be controlled

Topics covered at minimum

Course contents

Introduction to crane and sling safety

Basics of crane safety

Handling the load

Basic safety concepts and techniques

Lifting factors

Working rules of slinging

Types of rigging and slinging

Working rules of slinging

Handling of load-sling angles

Safety to an appropriate level of awareness

Types of cranes and hoists

Standard hand signal

Inspection testing and maintenance

Protective equipment

Who should attend

Target participants

All overhead crane and hoist operators

All overhead crane and hoist operators

Safety program managers

Experienced Crane operators resulting from a review of skills to eliminate bad habits.

All hoist and crane maintenance personnel

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