Course Title

Scaffolding inspector

A brief about this course

Qualification overview

To emphasize to delegates the employer's statutory obligation to have competent persons to inspect and then complete reports on scaffolds in the workplace. To give delegates practice at inspecting scaffolds and completing inspection reports.

Topics covered at minimum

Course contents

Hazard identification

Basic information of scaffolding

Scaffolding parts


How to erect work platform

Erection equipment’s

Classes of scaffold/ types of scaffold

Number of working platform

Erection knowledge

Dismantling procedure/ fitting capacity

Scaffold width

Ground knowledge

Knowledge of bay length

Modification material

How to inspect scaffold

Lifting bag capacity

Who should attend

Target participants

This Training is intended for Level 3 Safe Scaffolding Inspector Only



What is the duties of scaffolding inspector?

Investigate and confirm nature of Scaffolding materials which incorporates Tubes, Boards and Fittings to guarantee they follow the right Company principles. Choose and recognize appropriate kind of platform for the protected execution of works in a live working plant.

How do I know if my scaffolding is safe?

The minimum height for the top guardrail is 950. And then any gap between the guardrails should be 470.

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What makes a good scaffolder?

To become a scaffolder, you need: To have good levels of personal health and fitness. To be a hard worker with good hand-eye coordination. To have a good knowledge of health and safety issues affecting construction sites.

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