Course Title

Signal man’ safety

A brief about this course

Qualification overview

The Signalman Training is aimed at providing individuals with the knowledge and skills to prepare and to tie the load for safe lifting by any form of lifting equipment using correct and clear signals to guide the crane operator in the maneuvering of a load safely to its destination

Topics covered at minimum

Course contents

Wire rope slings, webbing slings, shackles & hooks

Pre-use inspections

Slinging applications

Safe working load

General safety

Unique identification of current color code

Estimate load and determine centre of gravity

Safety hooks & pipe hooks

Signalman video

Rules for slinging

General safety

Who should attend

Target participants

The course would be appropriate for individuals assigned as Rigger and Signalman in the workplace



What does a signal person do?

Signal persons are a crane operator’s eyes and ears on the ground and have a major responsibility in guiding operations. … A signal person is required when the point of operation is not in full view of the operator, or the crane operator’s view is obstructed in the direction of where the equipment or load is traveling.

What are the four types of signals a signal person can use?

Due to site specific safety concerns, either the operator or the person handling the load determines that it is necessary. Types of signalsSignals to operators must be by hand, voice, audible, or new signals. Hand signals.

Who can signal a crane?

Who can give the hand signals? or Who can be a signaler? A person qualified to give crane signals to the operator. There should be only one designated signaler at a time. If signalers are changing between each other, the one in charge should wear a clearly visible badge of authority.

What is a qualified rigger?

qualified rigger is a rigger who meets the criteria for a qualified person. Employers must determine whether a person is qualified to perform specific rigging tasks. Each qualified rigger may have different credentials or experience.

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