Key Deliverables for the Development and Implementation of QMS against ISO 9001:2015

1. Gap Analysis Report

To evaluate the existing systems to ascertain as to what is in compliance and what’re the gaps and submitting a comprehensive report to the client

2. Documentation Kit

The templates for documents of all types (at all levels) including policies, manuals, system element procedures, work instructions, RACI matrices, forms, process maps, checklist, registers, etc.

3. Training on ISO 9001:2015

On the requirements of the international standard and how these apply in the context of the business

4. Review of Documentation and Associated Records

  • Business Excellence’ team will review each & every provided document prior to finalization
  • However, after review by us; the client shall also review these documents prior to approval

5. Support for Implementation of QMS

Business Excellence’s team will extend its full support in regards to the implementation of the documented management systems in letter & spirit. This may include SWOT analysis, process mapping, risk assessment, objectives and targets, RACI matrices, training need analysis & training plan, internal audit, corrective action, management review etc

6. Mock Third-party Audit Against ISO 9001:2015

Finally, a mock audit by Business Excellence’ team will be performed before the third-party audit and a detailed report of this shall be submitted to the management in order to help rectify the non-conformities and concerns

7. Corrective Action

Business Excellence’ team shall help develop and implement corrective actions to closeout findings consequent upon 3’rd party review &/or assessment till approval of the management systems and issue of the certificate